Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shannon's Wild Life!

The Brush - made of cow bone, horsehair and (artificial) sinew The Brown Paint – salt, cornstarch, water and dirt The Red Paint – salt, cornstarch, water and blackberries The Painting – “Family with Sea Cow” this painting is about my family’s love for the beach and our love for the sea creatures that live in the ocean. The “Sea Cow” or Manatee is one of our favorites because they are so gentle yet so big. I painted and took the pictures at night so that I would have more of a “cave-like” feeling. My dog guarded me from any wildlife that might come by in the night. I tried paint mixed with teak oil but it was too runny so I used the cornstarch, salt and water instead. I tried using a stick for details but my brush worked much better. I really enjoyed this project and will use it in my classroom.

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