Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ashley R's Painting!

I created my paintbrush out of a stick, a bird feather and a few pieces of hay (or straw; I'm not sure which one it is) that I found at my aunts' house in Gilmer County West Virginia. I used red mud to create my painting on a rock

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Christopher Harlow's info!

I used grass for a Paintbrush and an old board and mud mixed with oil for my painting. It is supposed to be a man fishing in a boat, but my kids call it a spaceman catching a shark. It was a fun project.

Christopher Harlow fishes!

Veronica's Siblings!

have three siblings. They are JB the tallest stick figure, then Derby the second stick figure, he is my youngest brother and the two stick figures that have the same height are my twin sister Barbara and I (Veronica). I am the oldest of four children.

Adnan P's Masterpiece!

This painting depicts my family. The taller and stronger figures demonstrate my parents. The figure in front is me. It sy
mbolizes that my parents always have my back and care for me so this is why I stay in front. I hope you like my master peace :)

Will K's Prehistoric Story!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nathaniel "rocks" the past!

I basically used sharp rocks to mark my canvas rock like a pencil. I then used some mud for shadows. I tried working with a hand made brush from a plant but that didn't really work. It may be hard to see but it's a picture of four figures out in the sun and next to a stream. On the left side is like a thick mixture of edges. It's meant to be a picture of my family and I in the present and looking to the left. The left symbolizes the future which is unknown. Almost a way of saying the present is certain but the future is unclear.

Roberta B rules!

This was very difficult. My paint brushes made from twigs and leaves kept breaking. I could not get the clay to a good consistancy. I attempted to make other colors by crushing begonia petals but that did not work. I have a new found respect for Cave Art.

Basia N. makes prehistoric computer imagery!

My image depicts me on the left sitting at my desk, at the keyboard with the computer screen in front of me. It was a little challenging with the raw materials as the red clay in my yard is very sandy and gritty. I chose to use my finger to create my 'work of art' as my original choice of a chewed stick did not render the image I wanted.

Meagan R. makes her mark!

I made my paint brush out of a thich stick from the tree and i took plant grass and made it for the end of the brush. For the art work I took a stone from the side of the house and mixed red mud from the ground with the water from the lake next door and made a drawing of me and the little girl I watch during the week. We always play outside so I made a sun in the top right corner of the stone.I also tried to add eyes and a smile but the face was limited with space.

La Trina goes prehistoric!

Pansy T's painting!

James Y's Wooly mammoth!

This is our cave art. We visited the National Zoo last weekend and had a great time. I came upon this rock and it kind of looked a little like an elephant that we had seen there so we attempted to outline and color it.

Catherine T's art work and brush!

Can you believe how beautiful the brush is??!!

Carmen's art work!

In order to make the paintbrush, I used the stem of a fibrous plant for the handle and some leaves from a relative of the onion family. The paint is mixed from coconut oil as the medium, and I used red Virginia dirt as the pigment. I think my mixture was off, for when I tried to paint it onto the rock, it was much too oily and hardly any dirt stayed on the rock. Next time, I will try using less oil, and possibly a different kind of dirt, or even some crushed flowers for pigment.

Lyle's cave painting adventure!

Todd B's art work!

This painting shows Todd's exasperation at his dog's jumping over the fence and escaping his fenced back yard!

Mark B. makes art history!

I painted on a left over ceramic tile; since I could not find a rock flat enough to draw. On my painting is my family at the beach. We plan to go to different places for vacation and make it a yearly event. We plan this because we want Marcus our little boy to have something to look forward to every year. I use pine needles for my brush and stick to make my paintbrush. For my medium, I use charcoal, water and oil.

April G.'s amazing work!

I used Crushed blueberries mixed with Honey, scraped Charcoal and mixed with a little saliva and water (like the real cave paintings). I also used a leaf and rubbed it to make the green and rubbed a sunflower on there to make the yellow. I tried using pine needles as a paintbrush which didn't work so well so I ended up just using a stick. That worked much better.

Tracy S. Tells her story!

Allie S. goes prehistoric!

This is a blog that will feature the cave paintings from the PVCC Art History 101 on-line class. The assignment was to make a paint brush out of natural materials found in the environment, make paint out of materials found in the natural environment and finally, to make a painting on a rock or
wall that tells a story. Here they are!