Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wynter storms this assignment!!

I used sticks and different types of leaves to create the paint brush. Ashes left from a fire and then mixed with water to create a paste for the paint. The picture is an attempt at drawing my brother playing fetch with his dog. I enjoyed creating my own supplies.

Patrisha cuts it close!!!

I made my brush out of a stick with grass at the top tied together with a flexible stick I found. My picture is of me cutting someone's hair but I don't know if it shows that way.

Starasia...she shoots, she scores!

This is a picture of my son and his father playing sports together. To create the paintbrush I used synthetic hair and incense sticks. For the paint I used red mud with oil.

Pamela shows us how it's done!

Just a little background on my "cave painting."  My honey paint kept freezing up ..haha!  I was attempting to paint my house with smoke coming from the chimney--warm thoughts on cold days--and I was going to paint six hearts to represent my family but unfortunately these polar temps just wouldn't let me do anymore :).

Rebekah F's sweet life!

Attached is the personal cave painting portion of the cave painting assignment.
I used ashes from a wood stove and mixed it with olive oil to produce my paint. I am not by any means an artist so I stuck to the basics. Since family is important to me, I painted my family. On top are stick men versions of myself and my Mom. Below us are my two younger brothers. And I couldn't leave out my pets! To the right are my (poorly drawn) cats and dog. We're all cozy in the house I painted around us.
Rebekah Folsom

Monday, January 27, 2014

Amberly rolls the rock!

Molly S. makes a magic moment!

I mostly finger painted. The idea is two people joined under the stairs.

Joanie R rocks it!

My painting represents my family; my mother, sister and I. Above us is a cloud with an angel above it. The angel represents my grandmother, she recently passed away. We believe that she is now our guardian angel and she is looking over us.
To make my paint I found some dirt, the closest to red mud that I could find and mixed it with oil and a little water. Originally I made the paintbrush on the left. I made bristles out of grass and tied it together with a piece of grass. That paint brush did not work too well for me so I ended up using the brush on the right hand side of the painting.

Kaitlin S. Reveals All!

Here is my Cave Man Art Work assignment.

For the painting I used some of the ash from a fire I had made previously. On my first attempt I tried to use one of the sticks from the fire, but sadly, it crumbled. I ended up using my fingers and I believed it turned out quite well. In the picture I chose to draw a sun above a drawing of my family (my parents, brother and I. Though my brother seemed to be drawn lighter than the rest of my family). My story would have to be my family coming out of our cave after a winter storm (similar to the one we are currently going through) and enjoying the warmth of the suns rays.

Heidi M shares!

My name is Heidi Morris and I made my paintbrush from a stick I found in my back yard, I sharpened the end of the stick to give it a tiny point to tie some hair that I cut from my horses mane, and then used some straw to tie the two together. I then found the rock outside in my garden and because of the snow I couldn't get the appropriate ingredients that would work right so I ended up using finger paint for my illustration. My art work is about a hunter in search for his dinner and he comes across two deer. The hunter is using a spear to kill his prey.

Brianna M.'s big adventure!

I didn't have anything come to mind when thinking about what to paint for my family, so I went with more of a symbolic painting. As you see in the picture, it is of a bear. I will always remember how my mother always said if anyone ever hurt one of her children the "Mother bear" will come out of her. And she meant it, because I've seen it a few times. I know once I have children, it'll be the same way for me. Bears are very protective of their young, as my parents have always been and will be of my brother and I. For the paintbrush and paint, I gathered some grasses and a stick. I tied dry, straw-like grass to the end of a stick using a sturdy grass to keep it all together and give a place for the hand to rest comfortably. The paint is a mix of oil and some charcoal that I found in my yard and crushed it into a powder. It was very cold and everything kept falling apart but I managed to make something recognizable.

Guolian tells her story!

   1. Bird feather (1)
                  2. brick
                  3. Ash for burned wood mixed with honey and vegetable oil. then add little bit flour mix ( because it was too diluted with honey and oil )
                   4. use feather as a paintbrush to draw a simplest picture on brick.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Amanda K. Shares her story!

Personal Modern Cave Painting
My cave-man art is simple, yet meaningful. Music is clearly the theme of this painting. The person playing the flute is representative of Kokopelli, whom the indigenous people believed to be the god of fertility, music, and replenishment. The sun is also representative of replenishment. The time when my family shines at its best is when we are camping, out in the beautiful mountains, with the sweet sound of music. Soaking up the sunshine in the field and dancing to the beats of our hearts. I am thankful for fertility which helped me to create my special masterpiece – my daughter. Music has a way of connecting us with each other, and taking us back to times long ago. From slave songs to the bluegrass picking of the mountains all music has a story to tell and can be passed on through generations, being symbolized the infinity sign.

Ashley S. starts us off!

It's been really muddy, so it's was pretty easy to get the mud. I drew a picture of me, my mother and father, and my four cats. I drew a roof over them. Since I was drawing my family, I couldn't forget the special members of my family, our cats. They are a big part of our family, which makes us one big family.