Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eric M. says "Go Joey!"

My paintbrush was made of holly and sycamore leaves, fastened to a stick with the stem of a sycamore leaf. The paint is comprised of dirt, berries, and vegetable oil. The painting depicts my daughter and I playing at the park with our English Mastiff, Joey.

Samantha H. makes her dreams real!

My caving painting is of me as a nurse. I have a stethoscope in my left hand and a nurse style hat. My painting is made in hopes of me getting into the nursing program this fall.

Rachel C.'s dreams come true!

I made the paintbrush out of a stick and some hay. The drawing is about me studying to get a job in a pharmacy, getting the job, and being happy about it.

Astar W. says it all!

This is suppose to be a picture of my classroom at work. The "T" shape is the kid's tables and the rest of the shapes are tables, cabinets, bookshelves, and the play area. I included the paintbrush in the picture and a shell which I also used.

Jordan L. makes a prehistoric tag!

Autumn L. Testifies!

Joseph T. presents!

After some thought, I eventually painted an image of my home and a tree on some leftover concrete pavers. I used a blunt stick combined with vegetable oil and some red mud that I was able to scavenge from my yard.

Emily K. Rocks reinvents cave painting (and dog treats!)

Sarah W. paints away!

Paintbrush and red clay/dirt "ink" mixture.... Flower petals for brush hair, a stick for the handle, tied with dead fern plant leaves

Rachel B.'s Short Story!

Mishell's bunny!

I used a stick with pine needles, some straw as my paintbrush as well as my finger :0) I mixed dirt from the back yard with a little maple syrup and ketchup, don't ask why the ketchup ended up in there, I thought it would give it a red look lol and my initial thought was to have my simple drawing colorful. (I did not have honey, since I used it in my hot tea last night to sooth my throat) I intended to draw our rabbit, since she has been the focus of our life lately, she was a rescue rabbit that ended up giving us 6 more rabbits and has consumed our life tending to the new mom in the winter.

Becca R. share a lovely story with us!

This is a picture of my family. I am now a wife and step mom. My painting shows that we are a family, but that my step son didnt grow in my stomach, but in my heart!

Ashley S.'s big adventure!

Samantha C.'s people

Robbie Morris and his kids make history!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Danielle T. shares!

Painting of German Shepherd painted with native red clay/olive oil mixture and burnt charcoal using German Shepherd fur paintbrush. This German Shepherd means a lot to me. I waited a long time to be able to have him, and he was worth the wait.

Jacquelyn T's fab art!

Okay, so I have done a lot of these throughout the past couple of years and they all come out very interesting but at the same time they look like duplicates. Which is quite frustrating. I have to admit though I love trying to cave paint! I recently starting hunting this year, I know many people are against it but if the meat is going to a good cause then I am okay with it and it was! I killed my first buck this year and I felt like a kid doing it; I took pictures, showed it to people and kept his horns for decoration. So, like the cave men I drew a picture of something that has happened recently in my life. This is my representation of it, not perfect but yet simply enough detail.

Tammy H.'s art work!

My Cave Art I chose to draw my family at the beach. That is our favorite place to go. I don’t know if you can really make out my painting, but the large things on either side of the rock is, palm trees my favorite kind of tree. My family is in the water playing. I said at the being I don’t have an artistic bone. I hope you can make out what my painting is about.

My H.'s painting!

It has been a freezing rainy week, so I have not had a chance to find a place where I could probably find many smooth rocks to paint on. However, luckily I found some nice rocks in the rest place near the library of PVCC. At first, I tried to find a thick stick and some needle leaves to make a brush. Unfortunately, I realized that it was too hard to paint with my flawed handmade paintbrush, so I just decided to do with an alternative way. I burned the small sticks to make charcoal and sketch an outline first. Then, I used the thick stick to calk the mixture of red mud and oil onto the sketch. It was cool that the oil made red mud stick on the rock nicely. I admit that my drawing skill is bad, so you probably have to imagine what I have drawn on the rocks, but I was glad that I could get it done. I think this activity is a cool experience to know how amazing the prehistoric people were; they made the great artwork with nature materials. 1. Man with mammoth