Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rachel W's true story!

Elizabeth C's amusing muse!

I made my cave painting out of dark dirt and vegetable oil, leaves as the paint brushes, and yet another leaf as the green grass under Bud (the dog). I have also attached a picture of Bud, my muse, and where he was at the time I was making his little portrait. :) I

Chandler's fam!

Kate shows us how it's done!

I used my cave painting illustrate the memory of picking wild sunflowers with my boyfriend. I used two different paints: the yellowish orange is made from honey, dried red pepper, and several other spices, the brown is made from water, mud, and pepper. I used sticks and thick blades of weeds to create my paint brush. Although you can't really tell in the photo, the brush is cut so that it is sharper in the middle and does a surprisingly good job painting.

Stuart T amazes!

I tried my hand and coming up with a paint brush and paint, and attempting some story telling on the concrete outside of my house! (I haven't played in the mud in decades.) The images are attached. 

The paint brush is a fresh twig. I frayed the end by chewing on it so that it would hold some of the paint material. The paint is just some of the red mud, water, and some ashes from our fire-pit. The painting is story of my girlfriend of 5 years, when she flew out here from Colorado.


My cave painting was actually really hard to make. I started out trying to use hair from my dog and a stick, but I could not find anything to tie them together with. Then I found the flower; it had a hard hair like center. I mixed mud and oil to make my paint. I painted a picture of my family (Mom, Dad, Me, and my puppy). It made me respect the cave paintings in the textbook. Those people were very talented.

Shantamaria blows our minds!

       To make my cave paintings I used soot, oil, water, and red dirt. The materials used to make the brush was a stick and horse hair. To create the images I would use my finger to make an outline using oil and soot. Once that was complete I would then use the brush and watered red dirt to fill the inside and give color to the image. The story that my paintings tell is recently when I went on vacation, I went sailing for the first time at the beach and My family and I were out on the water fishing in the boat and I hooked a little Sand shark.

Troy D tells us a few things!

I title this "Hunting and Gathering" and it's of me at the grocery store.  I tell you this much, it isn't painting with a stick and mud :)

Heather A.'s modern world!

The painting is of me, my daughter and son.  The hand prints belong to the 3 of us.  I used vegetable oil and red clay as my paint.  My tools were hands (paint brush), a stick (to stir the paint), a rock to crush up the mud and duck feathers (paint brush).  I wanted to get our dogs footprint too but she would not cooperate with us.

Misty creates an epic work!

This is the pictures of my painting. I chose to paint on a fallen tree in the woods behind my house. Pictured is my husband,myself,my son and my daughter. I also chose to paint our two pets. A cat and a dog. Then I chose to include two cows to show that my husband farms. I used feathers found in the woods for my paintbrush. My paint consisted of honey, red mud and berries crushed together.

Heather S. makes her mark!

Paintbrush-I made my paintbrush attaching dried corn husks to a wooden stick using various types of long-stemmed plants and adding a yellow flower for a good feeling as I painted.

Cave Painting-I used olive oil and dirt to create my paint. In my drawing you see two people. They are me and my husband. The circle between us symbolizes our baby daughter, and the diamond on top symbolizes the night starry sky we all enjoy looking up at together.

Miranda DD Shares with the group!

It's of myself on the right and then in the middle is my dog Diesel and then on the far left it's Tyson my puppy. They are both boxers 

Lauren L starts us off!

I mixed the dirt with oil instead of honey, and the results were a little different. I don't know if it was the type of soil/oil I used, or if there's a trick to getting the consistency right, but I didn't expect for the dirt to refuse to stick to the slate I was using - to to refuse to stick to anything, really. In the picture of my 'brushes' I have a few pieces of hay, and some lavender and lambs ear filched from the garden. The lavender worked okay to create a kind of 'speckled' look, but it didn't really show up on film since the dirt wouldn't mix into 'paint' no matter what I tried - it mostly stayed somewhere between 'salad dressing' and 'coffee dregs'. The bit of the image that survived has a few of the plants off from the garden where I took my 'brushes' from. You'll have to take my word that one of the smudges on the bottom is actually a cat.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Danielle W tells it like it is!

Description: F:\DCIM\101NIKON\DSCN2782.JPGDescription: F:\DCIM\101NIKON\DSCN2783.JPG
The inspiration for this painting is just things that make me happy or stress me out on a daily basis. Those things are written inside of a thought bubble and the girl depicted is meant to be myself. The words in the bubble are money, car, family, friends, work, school, love, and hate. The following are the tools I used: tree branch as a paint brush (frayed at the end using a knife), mud (used to paint the hair), green leaves (used for the background color and outline of the thought bubble), rock (used with the mud to write words inside of thought bubble), strawberry (used to give a red color to lips and cheeks), burnt wood chips (used for the hair and outline of face and thought bubble), blueberries (squashed with a rock to bring out the blue which was used around the eyes), red berries (the color was not very vibrant so I used it as a sort of water base for the burnt wood chips).

Dean P. IS the king of the wild frontier!!

For my paint brush, I used a stick that had been burned in my fire pit.  I also used a bunch of balled up weeds to do the grass.  The brown parts of my painting was made by getting mud from the river behind my house and painting with my finger.  The picture I drew was inspired by how I hunted down a skunk this summer and had to put an end to its life :(  I AM wearing a Davy Crochet raccoon hat though.

John B at his best!

I tried to draw people using a blackberry. I had to use about 10 blackberries because they were all half ripe and didn't have a lot of colored juice in them. I tried to use a brush but wound up actually just using the berries  hem selves as writing instruments. I just drew two people, being as I destroyed a whole blackberry vine just for that.

Robert P. makes his mark!

The paintbrush I had created by using a stick and a bit of moss, with a honeysuckle vine wrapped around holding it together. The two paints that are actually shown were charcoal mixed with water, and a bit of clay. There were also two other kinds of paint I had used, but when placed alongside the charcoal black did not readily show up in the picture. While me and my brother, Howard Porter, had used similar paints, we had separated from each other during the actual assignment (I was in the forest, painting on a log). My picture is of my family and I. I spend most of the time in my room, usually on my computer. Everyone else is usually in various parts of the house, shown separated by a wall between us.

Ruihong shares her story!

            I took off some sticks and leaves from the tree in front of my room, and get started to think how to make a paintbrush. I took the stem off the leaves and shape the stick into a bold straight one. I tied them up with a string to make sure they can hold together, and mixed some mud with water to make the pigment of the cave painting. I drew a bird, or I tried to draw a bird, but the brush didn’t hold the pigment, so the work doesn’t seem so good. I hope I could do better next time.

Mike H Tells it like it is!

My paintbrush was made from died grass, a stick, and three fresh pieces of tall grass (onion smell to them) which I braided tog
ether in order to keep the brush in tact.  It was easier said than done, as the brush kept falling apart during use.  I used a mixture of canola oil and brown clay and painted a picture depicting my younger brother practicing his graduation speech in front of my dad and eye.  He used excessive hand gestures during his speech, and it was quite comical.  I don't even remember what he spoke about, only that he looked passionate doing so.

Victor S's Country Boy Opus!

Life of A Country Boy

The painting was inspired by a day in the life of a country boy. I used dead marigold and a garden weed as my paint brush. My paint was a little of good old yard dirt mixed with water and honey.

Naomi W.'s big adventure!

My cave painting is of myself and two students, returning to school after recess.  I am employed as a teaching assistant at a local elementary school.  For about 20 hours a week, I work with first grade students.  I was inspired to paint this image because I love my job and adore my students.  I created this work on a stone, using red clay mixed with water and oil as paint.  I found a stick with a pointed edge to use as my paintbrush, so I could create lines of different sizes.  I painted a school house in the distance, a cloud above my figure’s head and the sun above the heads of my students. 

Heather N shows us how it's done!

To make the paint I found berries in a tree in my backward so I used a rock to crush the berries and I added water to them. Then I made the paintbrush by finding a stick and some weeds and I tied the weed around the stick. The image was inspired by my family’s hiking trip a few weeks ago when we had to dodge a thunderstorm by staying in a cave.

Malcolm shares his painting and a movie!!!

Lauren L. blends the old and new!

The image of my 'cave painting' is my sorry attempt at recreating the circuit board I've been working with for the past few days (mostly because my first, 'creative' attempt failed miserably). It's done on a piece of slate I use when soldering instead of an actual wall.  My 'brushes' were mostly some of the taller grass taken from the field behind my house, using both the seeds and the rigid stalks. Unfortunately, multiple colors/shades didn't work for me; different dirt/honey mixtures all ended up the same color no matter what I tried, and none of the berries/flowers showed up on the dark slate.

Casie F. Shares her story!

This is part 1 of the picture email of my cave painting adventure. I used a stick with a ball of my hair as the brush, tied together with a sliver of a stem off a vine. I made two paints. One with dirt, water and olive oil base. The other paint I made with dirt, water and honey base. The oil based paint seemed to be slightly easier to use. My cave painting was created on my sidewalk. It features myself, my husband, our daughter and three of our dogs. This was definitely a fun assignment, but kudos to the cavemen and women for cave paintings are not as easy as one would think.

Gwen B. Brings it!

My picture was decided by my 4 year old ( it's us as a family, our house, mountains, and LOTS of flowers) He was pretty into this assignment with me :)
My paint was vegetable oil and dirt and my brush was a twig and I tied on grass and other stuff to make the bristles. My 4 year old as I mentioned inspired my painting it was based on what he wanted me to paint.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Howard P makes a statement!

Abbi P. tells it like it is!

I made the brush by finding a sturdy twig in the woods. Then I used long grasses as the fibers for the brush. I wrapped other stronger grasses to hold the fibers in place. Then I tied a knot in the grass to secure everything. Then I made the paint out of soil and water, which I mixed up well to make an even consistency.

Rachael B puts the cavemen to shame!

The paint brush was made from my sister's Labrador's hair, tied to a stick with a piece of grass. The feathers I used were from our chickens. I used three different colors of mud. The red dirt was from some cleared out land, the black dirt was from underneath the leaves in the woods, and the tan clay was from the lake.

I had way more fun with this assignment then I would have imagined.

Kelsey K - blurry but beautiful!

I used oil mixed with ashes and dirt to create my paint. I used various weeds in the yard to come up with the brushes- A dandelion bloom, clover bloom and some sort of tall growing weed.

Maren S. gets Spiritual!

For my modern cave painting I constructed a brush out of a beech tree branch and a chicken feather. To paint my image, I mixed soil that had a high concentration of red clay with vegetable oil. The oil helped to change the viscosity of the soil and made it easier to spread with the brush.
            In our reading, I noticed that many of the theories about the functions of cave painting revolved around a religious or mystical use. I wanted to parallel this in my own modern cave paintings. The symbol that I painted on the stone surface is a mantra significant in many religions. I have found that the use of the symbol has brought a sense of calm and security to my life.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beatrix shows us how it's done!

Here is my attempt on a cave painting. It was harder than expected. I thought the berries that I found in the yard would give some extra color to the clay material I had found, after crushing the berries with another rock, they turned out to not be very effective. I mixed my clay with a little bit of oil and found a branch that had broken off a pine tree (which I believe to be a loblolly pine). I'm not sure if the cave men used pine needles as hair embellishment, but since it's an organic material, I thought it would add a nice touch.

The drawing depicts my son and I. I'm holding a "stone tablet" with symbols explaining the daily routine. 
The pine cone represents the natural environment we come out of. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Annamaria B. Shares her work!

I made the mud by taking some red clay dirt from our backyard and added some vegetable oil. Then I took a stick and drew on the stones. My mud was too oily and the stick didn't work too good, so I used my finger.

John A-R Get's the ball rolling with help from the geese!

The materials I used are: Mushroom, Goose poop, wild berry, moss, stick, and vine with a little local wild honey as the base. 

Lot's of fun! I'm enjoying working on the paper too! So interesting! I had no idea humans have been making art for 30 thousand years!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wynter storms this assignment!!

I used sticks and different types of leaves to create the paint brush. Ashes left from a fire and then mixed with water to create a paste for the paint. The picture is an attempt at drawing my brother playing fetch with his dog. I enjoyed creating my own supplies.

Patrisha cuts it close!!!

I made my brush out of a stick with grass at the top tied together with a flexible stick I found. My picture is of me cutting someone's hair but I don't know if it shows that way.

Starasia...she shoots, she scores!

This is a picture of my son and his father playing sports together. To create the paintbrush I used synthetic hair and incense sticks. For the paint I used red mud with oil.

Pamela shows us how it's done!

Just a little background on my "cave painting."  My honey paint kept freezing up ..haha!  I was attempting to paint my house with smoke coming from the chimney--warm thoughts on cold days--and I was going to paint six hearts to represent my family but unfortunately these polar temps just wouldn't let me do anymore :).

Rebekah F's sweet life!

Attached is the personal cave painting portion of the cave painting assignment.
I used ashes from a wood stove and mixed it with olive oil to produce my paint. I am not by any means an artist so I stuck to the basics. Since family is important to me, I painted my family. On top are stick men versions of myself and my Mom. Below us are my two younger brothers. And I couldn't leave out my pets! To the right are my (poorly drawn) cats and dog. We're all cozy in the house I painted around us.
Rebekah Folsom

Monday, January 27, 2014

Amberly rolls the rock!

Molly S. makes a magic moment!

I mostly finger painted. The idea is two people joined under the stairs.

Joanie R rocks it!

My painting represents my family; my mother, sister and I. Above us is a cloud with an angel above it. The angel represents my grandmother, she recently passed away. We believe that she is now our guardian angel and she is looking over us.
To make my paint I found some dirt, the closest to red mud that I could find and mixed it with oil and a little water. Originally I made the paintbrush on the left. I made bristles out of grass and tied it together with a piece of grass. That paint brush did not work too well for me so I ended up using the brush on the right hand side of the painting.

Kaitlin S. Reveals All!

Here is my Cave Man Art Work assignment.

For the painting I used some of the ash from a fire I had made previously. On my first attempt I tried to use one of the sticks from the fire, but sadly, it crumbled. I ended up using my fingers and I believed it turned out quite well. In the picture I chose to draw a sun above a drawing of my family (my parents, brother and I. Though my brother seemed to be drawn lighter than the rest of my family). My story would have to be my family coming out of our cave after a winter storm (similar to the one we are currently going through) and enjoying the warmth of the suns rays.

Heidi M shares!

My name is Heidi Morris and I made my paintbrush from a stick I found in my back yard, I sharpened the end of the stick to give it a tiny point to tie some hair that I cut from my horses mane, and then used some straw to tie the two together. I then found the rock outside in my garden and because of the snow I couldn't get the appropriate ingredients that would work right so I ended up using finger paint for my illustration. My art work is about a hunter in search for his dinner and he comes across two deer. The hunter is using a spear to kill his prey.

Brianna M.'s big adventure!

I didn't have anything come to mind when thinking about what to paint for my family, so I went with more of a symbolic painting. As you see in the picture, it is of a bear. I will always remember how my mother always said if anyone ever hurt one of her children the "Mother bear" will come out of her. And she meant it, because I've seen it a few times. I know once I have children, it'll be the same way for me. Bears are very protective of their young, as my parents have always been and will be of my brother and I. For the paintbrush and paint, I gathered some grasses and a stick. I tied dry, straw-like grass to the end of a stick using a sturdy grass to keep it all together and give a place for the hand to rest comfortably. The paint is a mix of oil and some charcoal that I found in my yard and crushed it into a powder. It was very cold and everything kept falling apart but I managed to make something recognizable.

Guolian tells her story!

   1. Bird feather (1)
                  2. brick
                  3. Ash for burned wood mixed with honey and vegetable oil. then add little bit flour mix ( because it was too diluted with honey and oil )
                   4. use feather as a paintbrush to draw a simplest picture on brick.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Amanda K. Shares her story!

Personal Modern Cave Painting
My cave-man art is simple, yet meaningful. Music is clearly the theme of this painting. The person playing the flute is representative of Kokopelli, whom the indigenous people believed to be the god of fertility, music, and replenishment. The sun is also representative of replenishment. The time when my family shines at its best is when we are camping, out in the beautiful mountains, with the sweet sound of music. Soaking up the sunshine in the field and dancing to the beats of our hearts. I am thankful for fertility which helped me to create my special masterpiece – my daughter. Music has a way of connecting us with each other, and taking us back to times long ago. From slave songs to the bluegrass picking of the mountains all music has a story to tell and can be passed on through generations, being symbolized the infinity sign.

Ashley S. starts us off!

It's been really muddy, so it's was pretty easy to get the mud. I drew a picture of me, my mother and father, and my four cats. I drew a roof over them. Since I was drawing my family, I couldn't forget the special members of my family, our cats. They are a big part of our family, which makes us one big family.