Monday, June 3, 2013

Erica H. shares new history!

This is a picture that I painted on Memorial Day. I used ground up charcoal and cherry juice as my medium and a stick as the paint brush. It was much more difficult than I imagined to be able to saturate the rock with color and also to be able to make defined lines as the Paleolithic artist were able to. This project gave me a greater appreciation for the images that they created.

Megan S.

James K's Corporate Vision!

Attached is my attempted cave painting.  It depicts a meeting room at the law firm I work at.

Amber S. Beeeeautiful story!

I constructed my paint brush from raw materials that I found around the family farm. I used a blunt stick as the handle, pine needles as the bristles, and hay to tie the pine needles to the stick. Since the pine needles were thick on my brush, I pulled a bunch to the side to have a thinner line of paint. For paint I combined dirt, strawberries, a little water, and natural raw honey from the farm. This combination worked well and gave the paint a little color. I depicted a picture of a key and a bee, as I am a bee keeper.

Adam M.'s Epic!

Raven's tale!

Samantha B. shares!

The first picture is of my brush and the second is of my artwork. I would like to describe my piece: this could be the mating ritual piece, the sun denotes time of year and the two people and the baby above them could represent the best time to give birth.

Katalin M Tells Her Side of the Story!

Here's my modern cave painting. I didn't really have a rock or a wall to
use, so I used cardboard. My paintbrush is a large, cut up Ivy leaf and
the "paint" is a mixture of olive oil and indigo. I chose to paint a
grape vine. I've grown up around all the local vineyards and have
finally had the opportunity as an adult to work at an amazing vineyard -
in their tasting room as well as interning with the winemaker! I wanted
to make the ground speckled to show the texture of the soil, but stuck
to the packed-in dark blue for the trunk, cordons, and canes (which grow
upwards and downwards) to show the solidity and sturdiness of those
parts of the grape vine. I've always loved to be outside and be with
(and working with) the plants, so this job (which is potentially a
career for me) is perfect; and that's my little spiel about my painting,
and kind of about what I do for a living.

Amy R. reports from the past!

Margaret S. Paints up a storm!

 I have a wild blueberry bush near my house so I used that for paint, although it didn't mix with the oil so then I tried the honey and it mixed much better! 

Megan F. Paints and Tells!

I painted a triangle with a heart inside of it. This represents, my relationship with my boyfriend and the center of our relationship being Jesus. The triangle has three parts: God, Scott and I. Symbolizing our reliance on God. The heart is a representation of my love for my family, my friends, Scott and most importantly God.

The paintbrush is made out of a twig. I got the twig wet and broke it by twisting it. When twisting the twig the insides frayed maybe the bristles to paint with. I also use the weed to wrap around it to unsure the pieces wouldn’t fall off! I “cave painted” the picture with mud and water.

Amy H. Testifies!

Here's Amy's painting!

Casey G. tells all!

As for the cave painting, it's a picture of my dogs playing in my backyard that mainly consists of mountains. I used a stick as my paintbrush.

Haley M shares!

I consider my dog apart of my family so I drew a memory I have of him “hunting” a cicada. I used honey and red mud in my backyard and as a paintbrush I used a leaf and a stick to help spread out the mud.

Lauren S. Rocks the house!

A little explanation of my cave painting: The five stick figures represent myself and my three sisters (the little ones in the middle) and my parents (the big ones on either end.) The elephant represents the strength of our family, and my parents relationship as they have been married 26 years. The mother carrying her baby represents the nurturing that my parents have showed to me and my two sisters.  The 26 dash marks on the top are for my parents 26 years of marriage.  I used charcoal, as mentioned in the book, and then I used raspberries and raspberry juice. The red line underneath the five stick figures represents the unity and bond that connects our family. I made the elephant's feet "bloody" to represent all the hard work my parents put into making our family and their marriage strong.