Monday, September 2, 2013

Josh M. meets the Sun King!

This is my painting to the sun gods encouraging them to let the sun shine so that my fishing excursion may be successful.
I have taken a woody shrub branch and smashed the end to create a soft bristle end to use as my paint brush. Then I found a concave rock, which I filled with honey suckle blossoms. I attempted to muddle these with some oil to create a yellowish orange paint, I was fresh out of ocher.

Richard S's. big adventure!!

I didn’t really know what stories to try and draw about my family so I decided to draw one about when my friend and I were just driving around. We were heading down some new subdivision and all the drive ways were pretty steep and we saw this moving truck parked awkwardly on the hill in front of this house. Well one of the guys in the truck got out and opened the door and everything just started falling out of the back of it and ended up in the road. So of course my friend and I helped them get the stuff back up the hill in front of the house, but then when they got everything out of the truck they didn’t bather taking any of it inside and instead they just left. So my friend and I were there with someone else’s stuff and ended up waiting a couple of hours until they got home and had to tell them what happened and why some of their stuff was broken.
I used the stick as my paintbrush and to mix the dirt and honey. I did have to end up using my hands to fill in some of the cracks that bugged me and to even out the lines after my leaves fell off my brush.

Leidra in love!

Ava C succeeds!

Here  are the pictures of the modern cave drawings. It was really hard! I was not expecting that! Also, the paintbrush fell apart 5 times! So I figures that I would use moss as a sponge to make the painting more efficient.

Ryan R and his prehistorica shadow!

The painting is meant to represent me studying hard, sitting at a desk, working for my degree, while I would rather be off backpacking in the mountains. I used a piece of a branch to apply the paint I made from a mixture of red clay, gravel dust, honey, and water.

Robert R. redefines painting medium!

Dried butterfly bush blooms as paint brushes
Soapstone for Crayon
Soapstone for suface
Red clay with olive oil and gin for medium
Blueberries with olive oil and gin for medium
Gin does not seperate from the oil as water does. It helps thin the mixture.

Ashlyn P Tells all!

Paint brush: pine needles, grass, stick
Paint: Water, honey, clay
Painting: French horn

Chris B.'s big old hand!

David P.'s crazy fun time!

Stephen E strikes a pose!

This cave painting is of my dog Daisy and I. I used olive oil and dirt for my paint and a piece of wood with long grass attached to it as my paintbrush. I thought it was a enjoyable assignment.

Mike H. Climbs a Mountain!

It is about my family hiking up a mountain. By the way I my paintbrush was made entirely of tall grass. It is in the Picture just left of the smiley face. My kids had to do the same after seeing mine. They enjoyed it too.

Gillian H. Shares the mystery of life!

I used a sunflower stalk that had dried out from my garden as well as loipille blades and the seed pod from one of my ground covers to make my paint brush. I used dirt , mulch , and morning glories mixed with oil to try and make paint. I tried to make a dragon fly and butterfly on the rock ( though not very successfully- the oil ran down the rock face and muddled the butterfly ) these are the symbols i associate with my daughters . ( things I was obsessed with when I was pregnant with them)

Melanie B. Shares her fam!

The drawing represents myself, my youngest son holding a baseball and glove,  my oldest son  holding a football, and my goofy dog! I spend half of my life at the ball field as both of my sons are very active athletes!