Monday, July 23, 2012

James F. Kicks It Old School!

The cave painting is a picture of my family. In the picture is my father, mother, brother, and sister and I tried to portray them as best I could with my caveman paintbrush (My dad doesn't wear a tophat, but it seemed fitting to make it clear it was a man). We are a soccer playing family and it is one of our favorite things to do together so at the bottom I tried to draw myself kicking a soccer ball towards one of the two goals. My paintbrush was a strong piece of mulch and was nice and short so I could control my strokes better. The paint was made from red clay that I dug up from my own backyard and mixed with a little bit of water and some honey to keep the consistency. It took about ten minutes to make sure that most of the red clay I used was crushed into fine powder, but once it was fine the clay mixed very well with the water and honey.

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