Monday, July 20, 2015

Jessica H shares the awesome art!

For this assignment, I used a stick found in my yard to use as the paint brush handle. I then used hair from my recent hair cut to use as the paint brush bristles, and a small amount of string off of a cow feed bag to ensure that the hair was attached to the stick.  Recently, we did some fencing in order to make room for more cows, and used a post-hole digger to dig fence post holes, which dug up lots of red clay mud. I used an abundant amount of the red clay mud mixed with a fair amount of natural honey from the beehives at the house to make my paint. I also had to mix in a small amount of water with it in order to be able to paint with it. I used a leaf off a tree in the yard to mix the mud, honey, and water together on to create the mud. The rock was dug up when we recently put our pond in. On the rock, I painted a picture of my house, along with my boyfriend, myself, and our two dogs. (Excuse my drawings!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ronnie V tells all!

For part 2 of this assignment I created my paint brush out of a twig, some straw, and from hair off of our Spanish mustang named Poncho! My paint was a combination of some oil and red clay even though the rock made the color hard to see. My painting is of a father and son on a boar hunt. 

Brianna C.'s True Story!

    The picture that i painted is of my family, which consists of my mom and dad, and my three brothers and me. My paintbrush is made out of a stick and my brothers hair, because he decided to get a haircut. I tied the hair to the stick with straw but it wouldn't stay strong enough for me to paint so i had to tape it. My father and i found dark mud from a creek to use for paint and when i added more water to the mud it looked a lot like paint when it stuck to the rock.

Kristina's Prehistoric Family!

This is a cave painting of what I do as my job everyday...working with children (me the bigger one as the teacher and 3 little ones as students)..

Jennifer B Shares!

My daughter and I went out looking for things to make a brush, but living at the foot of the mountains., all we have is granite-like sandy soil.  It did not stick to anything.  So we went way out into the woods and found some black dirt and used honey and fingers.  This picture is us walking into the woods looking for materials.  Fun assignment.  Thanks!

Nancy C gets spicy!

1. After soaking the stick a little, I split it with my teeth and nails.
 2. I brushed one of my dogs and stuck her hair in the split of the stick with my nails (yeah, they're trashed now. Whaddya do? It's rough bein' a cave woman!)

 3. I mixed paprika in with some honey for the paint.

4. The hair in my "paint brush" didn't entirely come out at first, but it did make some rather thick splotches in some areas I had to flick away.

5. Ultimately, the paint brush turned into a stylus and may have worked even better such!

6. This is a pic of the paint brush pre-painting, and a pic of the actual painting.

7. It's me walking my two kids: lab mutts.

Thanks for gettin' me out of the house today--boy, fresh air can be nice!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Leonika (and the fam) paints up a storm!

Paintbrush made of a stick, pine needles, and grass! Paint made with just red mud, dirt and water! Although it was a bit cold outside, my children and husband had a wonderful time helping me mix up mud and searching for sticks! They even chose the cave painting they wanted mommy to try to duplicate!