Monday, July 23, 2012

Megan S. goes wild!

This was my THIRD consecutive attempt at this (you should have seen my looked like children made 1000 mudpies and left them there to bake...) I only had one color of mud since the EPA replaced the top three feet of topsoil in my entire yard a few years ago(woo hoo!)....and the Little Man was pretty eager to help, so he got a bucket of mud and water, too. I think his turned out better than mine and in retrospect, I probably should have taken a photo of his and claimed it as my own... ;) My brush was a stick, that I initially used exactly as I found...but after a few failed attempts, I realized that smooshing the end with a rock made it able to hold more mud and also able to spread it around more efficiently. I used dirt from my yard and mixed it with honey and water to make a thick sort of paste. The thing on the left that looks like a Christmas Tree - that's me, and the little asterisk next to me is my almost-two-year-old son, Quinn. The three ant-looking things were supposed to be his three dogs, Bobo, Atticus and Whiskey. When I showed them to Quinn - he didn't recognize them at all, so obviou
sly I didn't do them justice. The thing that looks like a devil is actually a bull, and the strange thing next to it - well, that's a bear. Bull & Bear: Because I work in the stock markets. I thought I was being clever at the time by trying to tell the story of my everyday life. Baby comes first, then my job, then my home life (the dogs) are below everything else on the totem pole.

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