Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pilar G. Shares her work!

Christina N. Back to the past!

My modern “cave painting” was done on the side of my house. I used canola oil and dirt from my yard as the paint. The paintbrush was from a fern like tree in the yard. I decided to paint a pond with fish. I made a relaxing setting with the sun shining and the birds flying around. My life is so hectic it is nice to look at a peaceful piece of art. I drew three fish in the water because I have three boys. I wanted to incorporate my kids in it. I very much enjoyed this assignment.

Fall Semester 2012 Cave Paintings starts with Lauren R

We're starting this semester off with a bang! Check out Lauren R.'s amazing painting! Lauren says:
I made a paint brush from varies grasses I found in a field and pine needles and tied them to it stick using multiple pieces of grass until they held firmly in place. Then I mixed honey with red clay from my yard and attempted to portray a modern horse on a large concrete portion of our drive way. The grass part of the brush absorbed the mixture much better than the pine needles for easier application.