Monday, July 23, 2012

Laura R Takes a Hike!

I live with my brother and the two of us love to go hiking, so I painted us together climbing a mountain. He usually is the leader because I tend to lead us off the trail without noticing. I follow closely behind. Our footsteps show the trail we have taken around the mountain. The mountain in the distance is the one we will summit next. The brush, pictured on the side, is a tall weed I pulled out of the edge of our yard. I pulled the majority of the leaves off the stem, leaving only the thicker bunch at the top. For the paint, I mixed the red dirt from under the porch with water. The handprints were made before the painting, after I had mixed the dirt and water together using my hands and had brought nothing outside with me to wipe them off with. My brother will be confused when he comes home and sees my project in front of the front door on the cement landing at the top of the steps.

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