Monday, January 27, 2014

Brianna M.'s big adventure!

I didn't have anything come to mind when thinking about what to paint for my family, so I went with more of a symbolic painting. As you see in the picture, it is of a bear. I will always remember how my mother always said if anyone ever hurt one of her children the "Mother bear" will come out of her. And she meant it, because I've seen it a few times. I know once I have children, it'll be the same way for me. Bears are very protective of their young, as my parents have always been and will be of my brother and I. For the paintbrush and paint, I gathered some grasses and a stick. I tied dry, straw-like grass to the end of a stick using a sturdy grass to keep it all together and give a place for the hand to rest comfortably. The paint is a mix of oil and some charcoal that I found in my yard and crushed it into a powder. It was very cold and everything kept falling apart but I managed to make something recognizable.

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