Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Amanda K. Shares her story!

Personal Modern Cave Painting
My cave-man art is simple, yet meaningful. Music is clearly the theme of this painting. The person playing the flute is representative of Kokopelli, whom the indigenous people believed to be the god of fertility, music, and replenishment. The sun is also representative of replenishment. The time when my family shines at its best is when we are camping, out in the beautiful mountains, with the sweet sound of music. Soaking up the sunshine in the field and dancing to the beats of our hearts. I am thankful for fertility which helped me to create my special masterpiece – my daughter. Music has a way of connecting us with each other, and taking us back to times long ago. From slave songs to the bluegrass picking of the mountains all music has a story to tell and can be passed on through generations, being symbolized the infinity sign.

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