Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Danielle W tells it like it is!

Description: F:\DCIM\101NIKON\DSCN2782.JPGDescription: F:\DCIM\101NIKON\DSCN2783.JPG
The inspiration for this painting is just things that make me happy or stress me out on a daily basis. Those things are written inside of a thought bubble and the girl depicted is meant to be myself. The words in the bubble are money, car, family, friends, work, school, love, and hate. The following are the tools I used: tree branch as a paint brush (frayed at the end using a knife), mud (used to paint the hair), green leaves (used for the background color and outline of the thought bubble), rock (used with the mud to write words inside of thought bubble), strawberry (used to give a red color to lips and cheeks), burnt wood chips (used for the hair and outline of face and thought bubble), blueberries (squashed with a rock to bring out the blue which was used around the eyes), red berries (the color was not very vibrant so I used it as a sort of water base for the burnt wood chips).

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