Monday, January 19, 2015

Rayshun gets it right!

My modern cave painting reflects my family structure and my parenting style. In the painting there are four figures - on the far left there is a small baby (newborn), next there is my four-year-old son, then there is my fiance, and finally, there is me. Above our heads is the sun, which is on the left side of the painting. The painting represents me and my fiance's desire to not always lead, but to, at times, follow our children and let them lead. We believe that there is much to be learned from our children. The sun represents knowledge, so as we are following our children who are following the sun (the knowledge), we are also following and looking to and toward knowledge. This picture also represents the agency and independence we want our children to have. Finally, the picture represents what we want our children to grow up knowing, that they can be leaders in this world regardless of their age. For my paint I used honey as my medium and red mud from my backyard. For my paintbrush, I simply used different size sticks (the two I used can be seen in the second image).

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