Monday, January 19, 2015

Crystal M. Gets It Done!

Crystal Martin
Art 101
Professor Solla
                                                                                                            “Cave Art”

                  I found this assignment to be very messy. I used dirt from my backyard with a stick as my paintbrush, or I used my hand or my fingers. The medium I used was olive oil and honey. I used a cardboard box as I could not find any rocks big enough to paint on at my apartment and as we are not allowed to “graffiti” on the walls where I reside I thought it to be best to use a cardboard box. I hope this is okay. I made a handprint for myself and six thumbprints to represent my children. I also drew a stick person and 6 little stick people for the same reason. I tried to draw a house but that did not go well, and I drew a heart to show the love we have in our family. I also drew, or attempted to draw our two ferret pets at the bottom to show we have a love for pets as they are also a part of our family. I can see why cave painting must have been hard as mud is not very useful as a paint as it clumps and has small rock bits in it as well. Plus the color isn’t very attractive. This assignment was messy but fun. Thank you!

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