Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nancy C gets spicy!

1. After soaking the stick a little, I split it with my teeth and nails.
 2. I brushed one of my dogs and stuck her hair in the split of the stick with my nails (yeah, they're trashed now. Whaddya do? It's rough bein' a cave woman!)

 3. I mixed paprika in with some honey for the paint.

4. The hair in my "paint brush" didn't entirely come out at first, but it did make some rather thick splotches in some areas I had to flick away.

5. Ultimately, the paint brush turned into a stylus and may have worked even better such!

6. This is a pic of the paint brush pre-painting, and a pic of the actual painting.

7. It's me walking my two kids: lab mutts.

Thanks for gettin' me out of the house today--boy, fresh air can be nice!

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