Monday, June 3, 2013

Katalin M Tells Her Side of the Story!

Here's my modern cave painting. I didn't really have a rock or a wall to
use, so I used cardboard. My paintbrush is a large, cut up Ivy leaf and
the "paint" is a mixture of olive oil and indigo. I chose to paint a
grape vine. I've grown up around all the local vineyards and have
finally had the opportunity as an adult to work at an amazing vineyard -
in their tasting room as well as interning with the winemaker! I wanted
to make the ground speckled to show the texture of the soil, but stuck
to the packed-in dark blue for the trunk, cordons, and canes (which grow
upwards and downwards) to show the solidity and sturdiness of those
parts of the grape vine. I've always loved to be outside and be with
(and working with) the plants, so this job (which is potentially a
career for me) is perfect; and that's my little spiel about my painting,
and kind of about what I do for a living.

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