Monday, July 20, 2015

Jessica H shares the awesome art!

For this assignment, I used a stick found in my yard to use as the paint brush handle. I then used hair from my recent hair cut to use as the paint brush bristles, and a small amount of string off of a cow feed bag to ensure that the hair was attached to the stick.  Recently, we did some fencing in order to make room for more cows, and used a post-hole digger to dig fence post holes, which dug up lots of red clay mud. I used an abundant amount of the red clay mud mixed with a fair amount of natural honey from the beehives at the house to make my paint. I also had to mix in a small amount of water with it in order to be able to paint with it. I used a leaf off a tree in the yard to mix the mud, honey, and water together on to create the mud. The rock was dug up when we recently put our pond in. On the rock, I painted a picture of my house, along with my boyfriend, myself, and our two dogs. (Excuse my drawings!)

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