Monday, September 2, 2013

Richard S's. big adventure!!

I didn’t really know what stories to try and draw about my family so I decided to draw one about when my friend and I were just driving around. We were heading down some new subdivision and all the drive ways were pretty steep and we saw this moving truck parked awkwardly on the hill in front of this house. Well one of the guys in the truck got out and opened the door and everything just started falling out of the back of it and ended up in the road. So of course my friend and I helped them get the stuff back up the hill in front of the house, but then when they got everything out of the truck they didn’t bather taking any of it inside and instead they just left. So my friend and I were there with someone else’s stuff and ended up waiting a couple of hours until they got home and had to tell them what happened and why some of their stuff was broken.
I used the stick as my paintbrush and to mix the dirt and honey. I did have to end up using my hands to fill in some of the cracks that bugged me and to even out the lines after my leaves fell off my brush.

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