Friday, January 18, 2013

My H.'s painting!

It has been a freezing rainy week, so I have not had a chance to find a place where I could probably find many smooth rocks to paint on. However, luckily I found some nice rocks in the rest place near the library of PVCC. At first, I tried to find a thick stick and some needle leaves to make a brush. Unfortunately, I realized that it was too hard to paint with my flawed handmade paintbrush, so I just decided to do with an alternative way. I burned the small sticks to make charcoal and sketch an outline first. Then, I used the thick stick to calk the mixture of red mud and oil onto the sketch. It was cool that the oil made red mud stick on the rock nicely. I admit that my drawing skill is bad, so you probably have to imagine what I have drawn on the rocks, but I was glad that I could get it done. I think this activity is a cool experience to know how amazing the prehistoric people were; they made the great artwork with nature materials. 1. Man with mammoth

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