Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dorothy H. Goes Prehistoric!

When asked to make a modern day cave painting I was actually excited about the idea and had many natural items run through my mind that I could possibly use as paint or as a paint brush. The hard part was deciding what to paint that would be a good representation of my family and possibly be something similar to what would be seen in an actual cave painting. I finally decided to paint a buck (male deer) to represent my father since he enjoys hunting and we often eat the deer meat and a tree for my mother because she is very natural and is the person who helps hold our family together and helps us grow. For my paint I used a mixture of honey, roasted squash, chicken poop, and dirt. I decided to use a chicken feather as my paint brush but also ended up having to use my finger to get the paint to spread out since it had a texture to it. I had a few issues when painting which included the paint being to watery and my paint brush not spreading the paint as well. I fixed these problems by dumping out the extra water and using my finger in the end instead of the feather. Overall I enjoyed the project and enjoy driving by the barn and seeing my painting.

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