Friday, June 1, 2012

Michael S. Redecorates Cave Style!

This was fun and easy! Looks like it was made over a thousand years ago! I outlined my hand with a burned piece of wood (blue), which worked wonderfully. My brush (orange) was made out of a stick that resembled a slingshot. It allowed the dog hair to nestle in between the two posts nicely. I then secured the brush by wrapping thick grass blades that made a fine rope. Altogether both worked well to produce the images. I decided to outline my hand which was shown a lot in the reading. I then added our dog, Emily and I. For Emily’s hair I used a mixture of clay and dirt to match her hair color perfectly. ☺ I added some orange tinged from the clay around our dog. I then created a symbol above us all, and highlighted it again with the orange clay.

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